Meet the Owner

My name is Melissa Webb and I grew up in church.  Attended every Sunday, sang in the choir, active in the youth department and attended every church event.  This has continued to this very day.  My love of God and His people has drawn me to learn more about the human brain and behavior.  After becoming a therapist, I would incorporate Christian teachings to certain client’s treatment.  Those clients looked forward to therapy.  Session after session we would talk about their problem, how to cope and Christian teachings.  Some sessions would even turn into Bible study.  But I noticed something which each client.  Not only did I see an improvement in the client’s mental status but I also saw growth and steadfastness in their spirituality. Psychology is a powerful tool by itself but adding that to the healing power of Jesus Christ made it more meaningful.  Those sessions brought me to a powerful conclusion, that Christianity and psychology can live together, harmoniously, to help strengthen hurting individuals.

And I want to help you in your journey of healing and finding strength in Jesus Christ to battle all unsettling emotions and feelings.  Sign up now for a free consultation.


Purposeful Counseling strives to enhance spirituality by providing mental health awareness and services. Purposeful Counseling will  provide coaching and therapeutic services to adults on topics dealing with improving and establishing healthy relationships and healing from traumatic events for a more productive and healthy life.


Purposeful Counseling is a private practice that wants to empower and heal adult trauma survivors through therapeutic means and Christianity.  Purposeful Counseling strives to heighten the awareness of mental health within the Christian setting and to provide quality services to all individuals.

Quality services for individuals and partners

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Therapy used to decrease symptoms associated with trauma, addictions, and anxiety/phobias