EMDR Therapy

Have you experienced a horrible event and it keeps you up at night?  Or witnessed an event so bad that you find yourself crying throughout the day or jumpy around other individuals? Or do you find it hard to do basic tasks because you feel so sad? Do you just want to get back to enjoying life?  Well, EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy may be the right therapy for you.  To explain how EMDR works, watch this video.

My Experience with EMDR

In 2013, I was raped by a coworker.  After it happened, I went home and took a shower and told my best friend.  She supported me and encouraged me to go to the cops.  I was terrified and cried the entire way there.  I didn’t think the cops would do anything and I feared that the incident would lead to the news (because of my place of employment).  I hyperventilated and broke down in tears.  She took me back to her house because I feared going home. The perpetrator knew where I lived and he was calling me constantly, harassing and begging me not to go to the cops.

A couple of days later, I went to the police station with my Pastor and his wife.  They helped me through the situation but only for a couple of weeks.  I insisted that I was okay and that I was over it.  Within those weeks, the prosecutor decided not to take my case. The perpetrator got away and I was pissed.  But I convinced myself that I was okay. WRONG.  I was so wrong.  One year went by, and the sleepless nights increased, I was sad beyond measure, I didn’t let men touch me…not even for a hug, and I stayed busy – trying not to think about that horrible day.  Little things would trigger my anxiety which would lead to multiple panic attacks.  I was in rough shape.  So I decided to go to a therapist.

My therapist, Barbara, would have me stare at a light bar and follow the blue dot back and forth while I thought about that horrible day.  I didn’t talk to my therapist about the details but the details were planted in my brain. As I followed that dot and the memories came up, it was like being in a movie theater watching myself in a horror film. Week by week, we worked together to process those memories.  I cried. A lot. But I had to in order to heal. After a while, the horror movie stopped being so scary.  I started to sleep more.  The panic attacks went away.  And for once, I was happy.  The horror movie turned into a Disney movie, songs and dance numbers included.

If I didn’t go through EMDR I would not be the therapist I am today.  I recommend EMDR for anybody that has experienced a horrible event because it works.