purposeful course

Are you #FoolishlyDating?

The tools I used to help Christian women end the negative cycle of dating.

The Success of your Relationship is based off your Level of Faith

Having a deep personal connection with God and putting Him first in your relationship will help to alleviate the negative cyle of dating.  Here’s what you’ll learn in the course Are you #FoolishlyDating?

End the Negative Self-talk

Have your ever said to yourself, “I’m never getting married” or “I’m so stupid”.  Sis, I have the tools to help you end this negative talk and loving yourself more.

Improve your Faith

Ever want to have more faith in God?  This course is designed to help you increase your faith in God and to trust and lean on Him throughout your singleness and beyond.

Lose the Unhealthy Habits

We learn unhealthy habits while in unhealthy spaces.  It’s natural.  But purging those habits can be tough.  This course will help you to recognize and end unhealthy habits so they don’t CREEP into your healthy relationship.

I've Been There and Want to Help You

My name is Melissa Webb and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri.  Before I found my calling as a therapist, I had experienced two traumatic events that would lead me to my purpose.  In college, I was raped by a classmate and 10 years later I was raped again by a coworker. The hurt, pain and guilt I experienced was unreal.  I told myself numerous times that it was “My fault”. I hated myself.  I serial dated and found myself in a relationship dating a narcissist which was draining and it took me to a dark place. After a night of crying and making a hard decision to not chug a bottle of pills, I went to therapy which changed my life.  The combination of therapy and weekly meeting with my Pastor helped me to learn more about God, how He operates and the psychology behind relationships and human emotions. 

I received my Master’s in Counseling and started on my journey of being a counselor.  Being in this field going on 5 years, I’ve helped dozen of women who’ve been divorced, sexually assaulted or just been in the crappy cycle of dating. Not only have I experienced what you are going through, I have found a way to overcome it.  So USE ME AS YOUR RESOURCE.   I know women who have spent up to $1000 to use a personal match-maker or $500 on a dating app just to be in the same predicament – the negative cycle of dating.  Stop wasting time and energy on serial dating to get to your perfect mate.  Sign up now to get the tools to a healthier you.

The Course

Six weeks is all you need to engage and experience a healthy relationship.  Why waste time and money with silly dating apps that give you the same mundane results.  Marriage is the ultimate goal so sign up today to learn healthy relationships and grow your faith in God!