Healing Adults through Therapy and Christianity

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Have you been feeling anxious lately? Is your relationship in a funk or you had a bad breakup? Or have you experienced something terrible and having a hard time getting past it? We empower and heal adults with anxiety, relationship issues, and trauma through therapeutic means and Christianity. Your story is important and getting back to who you are is important to us. Let’s work together to begin the healing journey. Book with us Today. Located in St. Louis, MO.

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About Me

I started Purposeful Counseling to help individuals that have experienced troubling events to get back to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. I use EMDR therapy to help with reprocessing intensive thoughts and feelings surrounding that horrific event to make it more tolerable. I endorse this therapy because I’ve gone through it personally and seen the amazing results. Christian aspects and teachings will be incorporated to enhance the healing process. I will encourage you to become your most authentic self and to live fearlessly. I want you to stop surviving but to thrive. Life is a journey and I want to help you through it.

Meet the Team

Lacita Moody, PLPC, NCC

Lacita is a Pre-Licensed Professional in the State of Missouri. She has assisted and continues to help with transforming the lives of women, men, and teens that have experienced emotional, sexual, and physical trauma.  Her specialty is working with adults that have experienced trauma through emotional and Narcissistic abuse by using EMDR therapy. Book a consultation with her today.

Brittney Cloudy, PLPC 

Brittney is a Pre-Licensed Professional in the State of Missouri. She strives to work with the LGBTQ+ community and individuals to help strengthen self-discovery on their journey to loving themself in a judgmental society. She also wants work with couples and individuals to strengthen bonds and teaching healthy coping skills. Work with Brittney today.

Our Services

Clinical Supervision

Do you hold a provisional license and are looking for a clinical supervisor? Inquire about supervision with a well trained and versed clinical therapist. 

Therapy Services

Individual therapy designed to help adults heal from trauma, relational issues, anxiety and grief from one of our highly trained therapist. Counseling will be completed Online.

Coaching Services for Dating

Are you dating and nothing is working out? Join me in learning healthy behaviors in a relationship and what to look for in a mate.

Our Mission

Choosing to heal and grow alongside Purposeful Counseling is more than choice, but a mission to see a better tomorrow. We want to break the mental health barrier, heal adults from trauma, and incorporate theological teachings to enhance the healing process.

Please note: The 15-minute consultation is free unless you are a “No Show” for that appointment. If you do not show for your consultation your card on file will be charged $15 for a “No Show” fee. You are considered “No Show” if you are more than 10 minutes late.