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I help guide adults to their healing by giving healthy tools and Christian theology that will ultimately transform their lives and relationships.

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Melissa Webb, LPC

Owner and Clinical Therapist

Tired of feeling anxious? Struggling in your relationship? Want a healthy perinatal experience?  You are not alone.

I empower adults and strive to help them heal broken relationships, manage anxiety and encourage a healthy perinatal experience through therapeutic means and healthy Christian theology.

Does this sound like you?

Your Anxiety is Overwhelming

You have no idea where to start. The constant overthinking, feeling stuck, and the pressure to be perfect are mounting. You’re exhausted; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Often having physical pains, negative thoughts of “I’m not good enough,” and feelings of sadness or anger. 

It didn’t use to be this way. You were vibrant and hopeful, but now everything seems doom and gloom. You worry too much, and it’s easier to shut down or stay home and polish off a bottle of wine until the pain and worry disappear.

But the pain and worry always return. Sometimes you think the anxiety and pain are normal, but recently it’s gotten worse, and you’ve had panic attacks or lack of sleep. You struggle at work, falling behind on projects and isolating yourself from coworkers. You feel overwhelmed by anxiety and know that something has to change.

Your Relationship is in Struggle Mode

You’ve been struggling for years in your relationship, hoping it would get better. The struggles of communicating and feeling lonely within the relationship are starting to weigh on you. You want to connect, but you don’t know how. Often, you resort to yelling and arguing because that’s the only way you know how to communicate. You used to be in a good place, but now you must decide if you will stay and work it out or if it’s time to move on.

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby is a Challenge

You’ve always wanted to be a mother, and the day has finally come. You look at your baby with joy and excitement the day they are born. As soon as you get home from the hospital, all hell breaks loose. The long nights start to take a toll on you. Your answer feels judged when asked, “How are you feeding your baby?” Your support continues to give unsolicited advice, and it seems they know what’s best for your child. You start feeling overcome with the ruminating thought, “Am I a good mom?” The overwhelming pressure creates deep sadness and longing for your life before the baby.

Hi. My name is Melissa. I want to help you stop Surviving but to Thrive.


I work with adults that are ready to heal. Some want to heal from their toxic relationship cycle, others want to end the ruminating hurtful thoughts that plague them throughout the day, and others want to heal from a traumatic birthing experience. No matter what they are ready to heal from, one thing remains the same; everyone wants to heal.

This journey is not easy, and that’s where I come in. Use me as your guide to get you to your healing. I use evidence-based practices and tools tailored to your needs and situation. We will set realistic goals to help guide us to your healthy healing. Your journey is unique, and so is your healing process.

I want you to live fearlessly. Together, my clients and I work hard to experience change over time, decrease anxiety and increase positivity within the self, in their relationships, and in their spiritual connection. I want you to stop surviving but to thrive. With therapy, healing is possible, and I’m here to help you along that journey. 


Meet Your Therapist

It’s me! I talk about my inspiration for starting Purposeful Counseling, my secret to doing therapy, and my favorite types of clients.  Watch this short video then sign up for your FREE 15-minute consultation. I can’t wait to meet you!


Therapy services are rendered via telehealth to Missouri and Georgia residents. Supervision is only for Missouri provisional practitioners (PLPC). Purposeful Counseling does not take insurance payments.

The Therapy Journal that is “Your Guide to Healing”

Do you take notes in therapy but get tired of losing the papers you write on? Want to keep track of your progress in therapy but don’t know where to start? This journal will help you track and record your Healing Goal, mood, and sessions with your therapist. Also, you can explore various coping skills and learn the importance of self-care. And are you looking for a therapist? Learn the importance of consultations and how to pick the right therapist for you!

Highly Recommended

Melissa is the truth. I HIGHLY recommend her for Therapy, Counseling, and Life Coaching. She provides a down to Earth perspective mixed with knowledgeable professionalism and Christian advisement; can’t go wrong. She’s genuinely invested in who you are and your wellbeing and is super relatable, warm, and inviting. She’ll set you straight compassionately.

– Former Client

Thinking Outside the Box

Melissa keeps me grounded and always knows how to reel me back in and/or get me to think outside the box.

– Former Client

Tentative and Caring

Melissa was very tentative, she showed interest in me and my well-being. She addressed all of my concerns.

– Former Client

Judgment Free Zone

Appreciate responsiveness to anything that I expressed without judgment, great at focusing on the progress and grace needed along the way.

-Former Client


Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Supervisor for  Clinical Licensure
Author – “Your Guide to Healing: A Therapy Journal”


10922 Schuetz Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63146-5704

About the practice

Melissa Webb is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and Georgia, serving adults who want healthy relationships, healing in anxiety, and an enjoyable postpartum experience.

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