Individual Therapy

Your well-being is our ultimate concern. Since 2014, We have provided patients in the St. Louis region a wide range of psychological and counseling services to suit their needs. Take a look at the services and contact us today.


Whether you are coming in for anxiety or trauma – therapy sessions are designed to assist you in the healing process:

Individual Therapy

We will use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in therapy sessions, to reprocess current and past trauma and phobias to improve positive thinking and behavior. We will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. Let’s work together.

Online Therapy/Telehealth

Need to tackle things at home and don’t think you can make it to your therapy session?  No worries! Relax in the comforts of your own home and receive the same service via online safely and secure through a HIPAA compliant platform. Ready for your 15 minute consultation? Click here.

Cost of Services

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Therapy Packages

Package A$450 | Save $70: 1 free 15 minute telephone consultation, 4 hours of therapy sessions and unlimited email access


Package B$900 | Save $140: 1 free 15 minute telephone consultation, 8 hours of therapy sessions and unlimited email access.


Package C$1325 | Save $235: 1 free 15 minute telephone consultation, 12 hours of therapy sessions and unlimited email access.

*A deposit of $130 must be paid upfront for all packages.




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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Payments Collected?

I accept cash and credit card. Payment is due at the beginning of the session.

Do You Accept Insurance?

No. Purposeful Counseling does not accept insurance at this time.

Do You Offer A Sliding Scale Rate?

No. We do offer discounts for students in undergrad and grad school.

I see you offer a Free 15 minute Consultation. I love free! But what is it?

The 15 minute consultation is for NEW CLIENTS only.  It is a chance for us to meet before actually having our first session.  This is where you can ask questions and get familiar with your therapist and vice versa. First sessions can be scary, here is what you can look forward to.

How Long Will I Be In Therapy?

Therapy is tailored to an individual and there is no set time for therapy to end. Some people are in therapy for 3 months, others attend for over a year. Treatment depends on the goals you want to work on and the frequency of attendance (once a week, bi-weekly, once a month, etc.).  First time to therapy?  Here’s a handy guide to help!

You Mentioned EMDR. What Is That?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  This type of therapy is used to help lessen post-traumatic stress distress (PTSD) symptoms.  EMDR is also used to treat other mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, phobias, and panic disorders.  EMDR work with relationship problems, chemical dependency, and grief and loss – just to name a few.  Want more info on EMDR?  Click here.

Can you tell me more about Telehealth/online therapy?

Absolutely! TeleHealth is conducted online via video chat and is convenient because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. EMDR therapy will not work with online therapy as of right now. This is only for couples and individual therapy not involving EMDR.

I'm interested in therapy packages. When is payment due for the packages?

Payment can be paid in full or you can be set up on a payment plan.  If on a payment plan, a deposit of $130 must be paid prior to first session. Depending on the packet, certain number of payments will be set up. Payment must be paid in full 2 sessions before termination. Additional sessions will be $125/each.  Have more questions? Contact us!