This is How You Expect the Unexpected from God

Hey everyone!  I moved into my home on 12/15/18, which is a special date for me.  I’ll get into that reason in another post.  But I sit here and looking around at how God has blessed me with this home. It’s not what I expected but it is definitely what I prayed for. 

I was frustrated with the buying process of a home.  It seemed like every home I looked at was too expensive or the owners weren’t willing to negotiate price.  One morning, after going for a run, I cried out to the Lord and asked Him to give me strength during this process.  Then I got into my wish list for a home.  I asked for a two story brick home, hardwood floors throughout, in a safe neighborhood in South City, with 2 or more bedrooms and 1.5 or more bathrooms.  I got just that but it wasn’t what I imagined. St. Louis City is known for the all brick two-family flats.  Most of the two-family flats are being converted into huge one-family homes. And they are gorgeous.  Well that’s what I wanted but that’s not what I got. I did get my two-story brick home. Three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, hardwood floors throughout and the beautiful charm of the Bevo Mills neighborhood. Oh, I even got a driveway, which my neighbors love to block.

God of the Unexpected

So why did God give me what I wanted but not what I expected?  Why did God give me the unexpected?  Good question.  Throughout the Bible we see God using people we didn’t expect to do his work.  Moses had a speech impediment and He used him to yell at Pharaoh to let my people go.  Sarah and Abraham was OLD and He blessed Ab and Sarah with a child, Issac.  Saul was murderer.  He was out killing followers of Jesus Christ.  Well that changed on the road to Damascus, where he became a follower of Jesus, changed his name to Paul and became one of the most influential writers on the New Testament.  And Jesus, the King of Kings, came to Earth by a VIRGIN in a dirty manger.  What an entrance by a King!  There are many more examples of this but this God’s specialty. He’s THE master of the unexpected. It’s what He does best!

Limiting God

But we, as Christians, need to stop limiting God.  Stop putting God in a box!  He is so much bigger than that. I mean, we talking about God.  The same God that created the universe by speaking it. The same God that created YOU and knows the number of hairs on your head.  The same God that gave His only Son to die on the cross.  The SAME GOD that got Jesus up on the third day.  THIS IS THE SAME GOD that wants to give you more than what your minute mind can think of.   

“God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”

-Ephesian 3:20 MSG

Isn’t it great to know He can take my thoughts and dreams and make them BIGGER than anything I ever thought of? God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways and not our ways (Isaiah 55:8) so God is going to do things differently and that’s something to REJOICE about!  

God is INFINITE and we need to recognize his totality and not shackle it.  When we do that, we limit God to what He can do in our lives and we start to rely on our OWN power.  That’s a dangerous place to be because OUR way will get us NO WHERE.  

Experience His Limitlessness

If you want to experience His limitless and infinite power, get in relationship with Him.  Pray, read His Word, get in a church.  The only way to understand God is to become His homie! And guess what?  He desires to be in relationship with you!  

In conclusion, I love my house, my neighborhood, and my neighbors.  God put me here for a reason and I thank Him for this unexpected blessing.


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